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Our exclusive collection dishes cannot be served on a take away service as they are individually plated dishes.
Please see our take away menu.

The Mogul's Exclusive In House Starters

Crispy Chilli Chicken - £7.50

Slices of fresh Chicken Breast with a crispy coating Stir Fried with Honey, Chilli and Sesame Seeds. (Indo Chinese)

Salmon Trio - £7.95

Three fine cuts of Salmon fillet marinated in Tamarind, Tandoori and Balti marinade excellent dish to start of your taste buds.

Lamb Chops - £9.95

Three pieces of tender Lamb Chops marinated in a Bengali style marinade, medium in spice and full of flavour.

Chicken Kismis - £7.50

Shredded Chicken in ground spices with a touch of Gravy and Raisinswrapped in a Poori Bread, full of flavour.

Chilli Paneer - £7.50

Freshly made cubes of Cottage Cheese Stir Fried with Honey, Chilli, Peppers, Onions and Sesame Seeds. Great Vegetarian Dish. (Indo Chinese)

Tamarind King Prawns - £8.50

Bengal King Prawns cooked in the clay oven with shells in a rich Tamarind marinade delicately tasty.

Scallop Poori - £7.95

Whole Scallop pieces cooked in a rich sweet and tangy sauce plated over mini Poori Breads.

The Mack - £7.50

Fillets of Mackerel dressed with olive oil mixed with lemon juice, coriander, chilli, onions and tomatoes. Served with toasted ghee bread. A refreshing light starter packed with goodness and a very healthy choice.

Chunkas - £7.50

Very lightly spiced mashed potato garnished with Spring Onions and Coriander, mixed with a choice of Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka or Paneer and Sag. Then covered in bread crumbs and lightly fried, full of textured flavour.

The Mogul's Traditional Starters

Chicken, Lamb or Paneer Tikka - £6.50

Tandoori Mix - £8.50

Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka and Sheek Kebab

Samosa (2) - £5.50

Aloo and Paneer Chatt - £5.50

King Prawn Butterfly - £7.95

Prawn Poori - £6.50

Quarter Tandoori Chicken on the Bone - £6.50

Salmon Tikka - £6.95

Vegetable Mix - £7.50

Paneer Tikka, Cauliflower Pakora and Garlic Mushrooms

Onion Bhaji (3) - £5.50

Garlic Mushrooms - £5.50

King Prawn Poori - £7.95

Sheek Kebab - £6.50

The Mogul's Exclusive In House Mains

King Prawn Kisuri - £18.95

Premium King Prawns lightly seasoned then cooked in a crispy batter and dressed with a mild butter creamy sauce. Served with Kisuri Rice made from yogurt and lentils soft texture and full of flavour. A must try. (complete main meal)

King Prawn Raja - £16.95

Lobster size King Prawns steamed with shells, cooked with a very intense flavoured sauce medium in strength. Very delicately cooked dish with Mogul’s Secret Recipe. Recommended to have with Lemon Rice. A dish which is not to be missed.

King Prawn Jinger - £16.95

Premium King Prawns in their shells pan fried with mustard oil, infused with African Chilli Pickle, Fresh Green Chillies and Garlic Puree creating a rich Spicy Sauce.

Royal Bengal - £14.95

Lamb Shank cooked for two hours to give a soft textured Meat, this sits on a bed of Spiced Potato and Fresh Onions. Dressed with medium reduced Indian Gravy, a dish for pure Meat Lovers.

Lamb Chops - £15.50

Five pieces of Lamb Chops marinated in Bengali style marinade. Then cooked in the Clay Oven. Medium Spice served with Salad.

Lamb Chop Sorisha - £17.95

Four pieces of succulent lamb chops cooked with mustard a touch of mint in a rich onion gravy bursting with beautiful balance of spices and herbs. Served with Garlic Naan (complete meal)

Chicken Shomrat - £13.95

A whole piece of Chicken Fillet marinated in yogurt, garlic, onion seeds and then tandoored. After it is Stuffed in Ginger Keema dressed with Pathia Sauce. Recommended with Onion Rice

Chicken Roast - £16.95

Half a Chicken on the Bone cooked in a rich Bengali Style Gravy made of onions, garlic puree and touch of Chefs mixed ground spices, served with Green Pea Rice. This is a typical East Indian Dish found in real Indian Cooking. (complete main meal)

Rani Arsh - £15.95

Duck Fillet marinated in Tamarind Kashmiri Style then Tandoored and dressed with lightly sweet and tangy Coconut Sauce. Served with a helping portion of Sag Bhaji on the side.

Duck Kormari - £17.95

Duck Fillet cooked in the Tandoor in a tangy flavour marinade garnished with Crispy Sweet Onions, accompanied with Creamy Mushroom Indian Gravy and served with Chick Pea Rice. (complete main meal)

Scallops Dupgon - £16.95

Scallops cooked in a Bengali Lemon and Tomato Sauce medium strength with Onions and Peppers, not overly spiced to retain the Scallops flavour. Served with White Rice. (complete main meal)

Tilapia - £14.95

Tilapia Fish Fillet Skinless Boneless, pan fried with ground Indian Spices, Parsley and Cooked with a medium sauce with a touch of Sage, Capsicums and Onions. As this Fish is very versatile you also have the option to have your own Choice of Sauce to go with it if you require. (classic sauces only)

Phangaas - £17.95

Fish of Bengal. This fish is a Fresh Water Fish. It is a Fillet Cut with no Skin or Bones with White Meat holding Natural Oils which we only compliment by Seasoning with a touch of Lemon Salt and Pepper. Oven Cooked with Olive Oil dressed with a Dhansak Sauce served with Stir Fried Vermicelli Rice Noodles and Asparagus. (complete main meal)

Bengal Biryani - £17.95

The True Biryani from The Ages of The Mogul Empire. Layered in individual stages starting with Spiced Minced Meat, to Basmati Rice then, with Shredded Chicken finished with layer Aromatic Basmati Rice. Garnished with Roasted Cashew Nuts, Fried Onions and Fresh Bay Leaf. All Sealed with a Pastry lid holding in all the flavour and aroma till you pierce the dish, releasing everything. Served with Cucumber Raita. (complete main meal)

Salmon Raj - £16.95

Fresh fillet of Salmon marinated with garlic, ginger, 5 spices and fenugreek. Pan fried with garlic infused olive oil accompanied with a reduced mustard seed sauce and florets of blanched broccoli. Served with roasted Bombay aloo.

Our exclusive collection dishes cannot be served on a take away service as they are individually plated dishes.
Please see our take away menu.

Dining In caries a discretionary of 10% service charge.


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